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Service Dog,

Emotional Support Animal,

& Therapy Dog Training

We offer training for handlers who desire working dogs, regardless if you qualify for a service dog, desire an emotional support animal (canines only), or you wish to volunteer as a therapy dog team, we can formulate a training program that meets your needs. Candidate teams must undergo evaluation to determine temperament and needs. Completion of our Basic Obedience and an AKC CGC is required to begin this program*. Canines should also earn an AKC Urban CGC (CGCU) and/or an AKC Community CGC (CGCA) prior to enrolling in this program. Instruction will include group training sessions at the facility, as well as at off-site locations in order to provide opportunities for exposure to real-life scenarios while under the guidance and supervision of experienced trainers. Handlers are required to continue to practice obedience and tasks at home daily, and commit to exposing their canine partners to environmental distractions at least 3 times per week. Teams in training will receive a custom harness and, upon completion, an identification card indicating the nature of the training the team received. Please note: there is no such thing as certification or a registry of any kind for Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


*Additional requirements will be discussed at the pre-registration information session.

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