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Prepare your pup to participate in Basic Obedience classes with Puppy Conditioning. Five introductory lessons will instill in owners the knowledge required to prepare their pups to learn. Best practices, use of training aids, and common behaviors are explained and demonstrated, so owners can set their new canine partners up for success! Lessons may be private or small group. Scheduling is coordinated directly with the instructor at a mutually beneficial time and day. You can contact us for more information & pricing.

Pups will come out of this course as STARs! The foundation set will qualify the pups to earn the first of the AKC Canine Good Citizen titles. ​Interested owners may opt to have the American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. (Socialization - Training - Activity -  Responsibility) Puppy evaluation given for an additional fee. 

Puppy Class



Basic Obedience classes are held in an outdoor group setting that provides necessary socialization experiences. In eight sessions the owners will be taught how to present and practice all the basic obedience commands including:

  • no

  • down

  • sit

  • stay

  • come

  • heel

  • stand

Basic Obedience



Once your dog has mastered the Basic Obedience course, Advanced Obedience is an option for those who desire complete off leash control without use of a remote electric collar. Classes are held in an outdoor group setting, and is ultimately conducted off leash or with the use of a training tab. All commands from Basic Obedience are practiced while new commands and actions are introduced, such as poison prevention and obedience with duration and distractions. Contact us for more information & pricing

This course provides a foundation for those who wish to obtain the American Kennel Club Urban Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGCU) or American Kennel CLub Community Canine  (AKC CGCA) title. These evaluations are available for an additional fee. 

Advanced Obedience
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