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Nosework or scentwork, whether for sport or professional purposes, is a challenging, yet very rewarding activity that strengthens and enhances the bond between handler and canine. Engaging in this type of training builds a foundation of trust and respect, all while coming across as play! All canines, not just typical breeds or those from working lines, have the ability to participate in scent work, and benefit from the interactions involved in this training, often resulting in a stronger bond and happier partner. When a dog (and his mind) is kept busy, there is less time for boredom or anxiety to set in; those often lead to destructive and non-desired behaviors. We offer scent imprinting and detection training for narcotics, explosives, accelerants, and more to handlers and canines that show interest, ability, and commitment.


The facility has an on-site scent wall, locker wall, and vehicle for detection training. We utilize time tested, tried-and-true methods, as well as the most modern training aids and devices.

Certification is available on a private basis for individuals or groups, and general group training seminars are offered regularly, based on interest. Offerings will be listed on our Training Seminars page, in the Calendar of Events, and on our Facebook page.


Ongoing handler commitment after certification is required to ensure continued success. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

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