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Canine CPR & First Aid

Our canines are our partners and we view them as members of our families; we are the leaders of their packs, so it is our responsibility to keep them happy and healthy. Despite our best efforts, accidents still may happen.  Be prepared to do your best for them in a worst-case scenario, be ready to administer Canine CPR and First Aid. 


In the Canine CPR & First Aid Course, you will learn basic preventative health care for canines, including checking your pet's vital signs, how to respond to respiratory and cardiac emergencies, how to treat wounds and bleeding, and how to handle seizures. Classes are taught by experienced certified instructors.

We never want to think about anything bad happening to our beloved pets, but being prepared should provide a little more peace of mind. We will list the date and time of the next class as soon as it is scheduled

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