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With over 25 years of experience in canine obedience, protection, and detection, the methods we teach you to employ are tried and true, a combination of many of the different philosophies supported by well-known successful canine trainers. No two canines are alike, neither are any two humans alike; every combination will be unique. Handlers will learn to assert themselves as the pack leader, the guiding alpha who provides direction. The utilization of operant conditioning, with positive and negative reinforcement, and incorporating the use of praise, food, or play rewards will be based on the drive of the canine. We will assist you in determining what methods will be most successful for you and your canine. Unlike many other trainers that primarily rely upon a remote control electric shock collar to elicit obedience, we do not endorse this method, though its use is sometimes necessary in extreme cases, only as a last resort. There are many options available, and we will guide you in the use of your choice of equipment. Please see our FAQs page to see what equipment we recommend you bring to training or use at home. 


The goal in obedience training is ONE Command-ONE action: the canine should respond immediately with the proper action the first (and ultimately the only) time the command is issued. Though it's exciting when our children learn to count, it is not as much fun when our canines do! Popular culture has embraced an attitude of anthropomorphism, referring to our canines as "furbabies" or our "four-legged children", assigning human qualities and psychological processes to the canine mind, which may be cute, but it is inaccurate and often results in ineffective training. (This belief is often highly contested, though backed by much research.) Leading our canine partners and directing (or redirecting) their behaviors will help them develop the impulse control needed to exhibit obedience and respect, resulting in a much more pleasant relationship for both the handler and the canine, as well as those around them. The sooner the training begins, the sooner the benefits will be experienced. Since the selection of the breed and sex of a canine is so important, as there is so much to consider in order to get the end results you desire, we would be happy to discuss options that would be most beneficial for the handler, the pack, and the lifestyles of both before such an important decision is made- a decision that comes with a 10+ year commitment. Canines are esteemed members of our "packs" and that is why we strive to assist you in making the experience the best it can be. Contact us today to join our pack! 

We proudly offer discounts on training services for active and retired law enforcement, military, and first responders, in appreciation of their service. 

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